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Baby session

The first year of your baby is truly special. It's a cliché, but that initial year passes by so quickly, and the development your baby undergoes is phenomenal. Trust me, these are moments you'll miss when they're sixteen and coming home with a significant other...
Of course, there's the traditional first birthday shoot, but what I find even more delightful is the 'sittershoot.' When your baby has just learned to sit, they beam with pride and happiness. They're usually content with everything at this stage. A little later, your baby starts crawling or walking, and suddenly they want to explore everywhere except the spot where you need to take the photograph...

This photoshoot can also transition from a very rural style to a more sleek one, with fewer accessories in the latter case. Please be sure to let me know in advance which style best suits your interior.

This investment includes:

  • An introduction meeting
  • Preparations for your photoshoot
  • The photoshoot itself, lasting 1,5 to 2 hours
  • Optional use of all accessories, decorations, dresses, etc.
  • A follow-up meeting approximately one week after your photoshoot.
The price for the photoshoot is €195.00.

See some examples

“In the end, we can only regret the pictures we did not take.”

Your moments

Bring your memories to life and give your interior a personal touch with your beautiful photos as works of art. Explore the possibilities of block-framed canvas, dibond and photos on wood, and create a home that speaks of your unique story. Discover the magic of high-quality photos on canvas, dibond and wood – a perfect way to beautify your home and cherish memories.

Photography Christa Nerinckx strives for perfection in every print. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that your photos are presented at their best.

Schedule your introductory meeting

preferably in the studio - if great distance can also be done by phone)

Book your photo shoot

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Enjoy your photo shoot

Together with your family

Select your favorite images

and pay for your chosen package.

Get your images

digital after professional finishing

Get your beautiful album

and digital images on USB.

Before - After Effect

Fotografie - Vang Magische Momenten in Het Eerste Jaar



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