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My name is Christa Nerinckx
and I am a photographer.

However, I aspire to be much more than that. I want to be your artist. My desire is to create timeless images for you, whether it’s of your baby, toddler, communicant, or teenager… preferably also capturing the entire family because those photos may be even more crucial.

My journey as a photographer began at the age of twelve, and I am confident it will never cease. As a photographer, my goal is to make the world more beautiful by accentuating the beauty within people. My graduation thesis focused on ‘goddesses in every woman,’ and it’s almost incredible how, 20 years later, I still photograph with the same intention. I harbor a deep love for art and culture. Admiring beautiful artistic images can inspire me for hours, often followed by the urge to create something myself.

If you ask me where my heart truly lies, it’s quite simple: I love my children, my family. I have always adored babies and consider myself fortunate to have filled my home with three handsome boys. I feel incredibly lucky that, as a newborn and family photographer, I can still fill my daily life with babies and children, albeit without the sleepless nights. Nothing brings me more joy than the annual moment when I get to capture my sons in a unique way, letting my creativity run wild. The only obstacle? Perfecting it within 10 minutes because my children’s patience is not endless.

I love warmth and coziness. I adore wood and rustic interiors, pastel tones, and the enchantment of the month of December. The tranquility I experience while sailing on a boat resonates deep within my soul. Although I’m not fond of flying, it takes me all over the world to enjoy even more beautiful images. I wish I were a better landscape photographer and could paint because people often associate a painter with an artist. And that is precisely what I want to be – an artist who turns your world into an artistic image.

So, who am I, and who do I want to be? I want to be your photographer, someone who, like you, cherishes precious moments and turns that bundle of happiness into a beautiful artistic image for you and your family, right after birth and for many years to come. I want to be your ‘image-maker,’ the ‘archivist’ of your world – from the beautiful round belly to the teenage years, captured in an artistic image that you can gaze at for hours.

May I be your artist?

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