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To ensure your privacy, we share information here about what data we collect from you, why we collect it and how long we keep it.

We store personal data, including name, address, phone number, and e-mail. If relevant, your baby’s date of birth, weight, height and gender may also be kept. In addition, we keep edited and unedited files of shots during the photo shoot, as well as any messages and emails. Photography Christa Nerinckx manages this data in a correct and customer-friendly manner, also treating the photos of your reportage with the same care.

Data storage:
After one month, photos from a photo shoot are archived. Archived images are retained for up to six months after recording, provided sufficient storage capacity is available.

Protection of Personal Data:
Your personal data will be kept secure until the termination of our services. You have the right to see, correct and have your data deleted. To do so, contact Christa Nerinckx.

Sharing with External Parties:
Christa Nerinckx shares photos of photo shoots through social media (Facebook, Instagram), her website, exhibitions and photography competitions. You will be asked to fill out a form indicating whether and under what conditions images may be shared.
No other personal data is shared with third parties for further processing. If you would like an image removed from the website, Facebook page or Instagram, please contact Christa Nerinckx.

Secure File Sharing:

Photo shoot results are shared with you exclusively via Pictime or sent via WeTransfer. Pictime and WeTransfer can be reached through a URL that begins with https, where the “s” stands for secure: the data is sent encrypted. If you do not wish to receive your photo shoot files via OneDrive or WeTransfer, please contact Christa Nerinckx.

Supervision, Questions and Feedback:
Christa Nerinckx regularly evaluates whether its policies comply with the AVG (= General Data Protection Regulation), also known as the GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”), which has been in effect since May 25, 2018. It also checks that it remains consistent with its own privacy statement. Adjustments will be made if necessary.

Do you have questions about this privacy statement? If so, please contact Christa Nerinckx via our contact page.
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